What Really is Freedom?

In the truest sense of the term, what is it, really??

I hope you had a great Independence Day weekend. Let's dive into what freedom means after the holiday weekend.

I think as Americans, and especially as military servicemembers, we toss around the words free, Liberty, and independence haphazardly, but never really unpack what it means to be free.

Sure we defend liberties in this country, but working a 40 plus hour-a-week job just to scrape by isn't freedom to me.

Freedom has little to do with being wealthy in the traditional sense, but has everything to do with our time. We all have obligations, but having the time to do things we love with people we love and enjoy being around, at work or play, is truly freedom to me.

But, time freedom requires cash flow, and more of it coming in than going out. That is where the challenge arises.

People assume they must trade time for cash, so if you're being paid on an hourly or salary basis, do you really have time freedom? Both money and time come through passive income, and ideally from multiple sources. That's is, cash flowing in when not directly working for it, like when we're sleeping and playing.

There exist many ways to generate passive income, and my favorite way is through online information products and services. To me cash flowing knowledge assets represent true freedom. If curious about launching your own online knowledge business,1CLICK HERE. Happy Independence Day!