"Know Your Enemy...Know Yourself...

...and in a hundred battles, you'll never be in peril."

Do you know your enemy? Do you know yourself?

Are you in peril? The unkown unkown…it’s visciously awaiting to strike.

We’re warfighter-minded in the military culture, so I’m meeting this audience where you’re at, in fact where I was only two years ago, using my junior war college (Naval War College) and senior war college (National Defense University, M.S.) “education.”

It’s not about the foreign threats we’re infatuated with today…no, it’s about the domestic threat, and it’s real.

Sun Tzu said “Know the enemy and know yourself and in a hundred battles you will never be in peril.

When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal.

If ignorant both of [the enemy] and of yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril.”

Do you know yourself…and do you know the enemy? If we don’t even know about the enemy, how could we ever know all about it?

When I say “yourself,” I mean who you truly are and how you’re going to engage in this world to make a difference? Is it just working a 9-5 that 85% of employees say the’re unengaged at? How about your spouse/significant other?

When I say the enemy, I’m talking about the domestic enemy…the trojan horse in our national and domestic economy. One that seemingly very few are talking about in my network.

You see, there’s two ways to look at “economy.” One is from the textbooks in higher academia, that focus on oversimplified models and jargon from another world, using simplified models that don’t account for behavior of humans.

That’s not important for our purposes. In fact, it’s a distraction.

No, the economy I’m speaking of is directly relevant to your household, no matter your rank, paygrade, or social status in our society. Yes, and the threat’s an “econo-enemy.”

The Constitution I swore to protect and defend, against all enemies (including domestic) calls for sound money. It’s the pillar around which a strong economy and free market functions.

You see, the origin of the word “economy” comes from “eco” which is a derivation of the Greek “oikos,” meaning an extended family unit that consists of the houe, members of the family, slaves, farmland, and all property. Let that sink in a moment.

Economy as it applies to knowing ourselves is the domestic economy that makes up our household operations, and perhaps the extentions of it as it relates to extended family across the street, or around the globe.

Our collective econo-enemy is destroying our household economy just like the threat in the wooden horse that took down the Trojans at Troy. It’s destroyed the national economy, too.

So, what’s the economy centered around? Yes, you guessed it, the medium of exchange we use to purchase goods and services for consumption, production, and likely a combination of both.

That medium of exchange, the US Dollar (more accurately identified as a Federal Reserve Note) is a dangerous debt-based instrument and enemy around which our domestic economy functions.

Norm Franz in his book Money and Wealth in the New Millennium (2001) writes “Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves.”

It’s a lynchpin in our lives, and it’s been right under our nose for over one hundred years as a fiat currency, an “I owe you nothing” money instrument. And it’s reaped unimaginable destruction so far, controlled by a creature that’s grown many dangerous heads, like a dragon, that’s been fed by academia and government bureaucrats.

I knew none of this just over a year ago. I thought my four degrees from higher academia over the past 20 years had equipped me to be “smart.”

I assumed higher academia had my best interest in mind.

I thought the government was taking care of me.

I didn’t know the enemy.

I didn’t know myself.

I didn’t know jack squat.

And then I realized I was in serious peril. And I’d inadvertenty succumbed to the status quo, and jeopardized my family’s safety and well-being, too, in service to the Nation.

I was mad.

I was scared.

I was confused.

I didn’t understand.

And that realization, it empowered me to take back control. It emboldened me to ACT.

Because knowledge is power…but ACTION is POWERFUL.

So at first I began to explore myself. I overcame the lies I’d been telling myself. The lies we believe, (check that out be’lie’ve), it’s right under our nose. I literally noticed that as I drafted this post.

LIE - Limited Ideas Entertained; credit to Jon Kwik for this acronym. It’s beautiful.

I overcame the lies from K-12 and reinforced by higher academia, the culture, the perpetuation of the status quo telling most to get a degree, find a job, pay income taxes, save for retirement, and let others “care” of my family’s savings.

Perpetuating the lie that Wall Street banksters will care for our wealth for 20, 30, even 40 years while Social Security is managed by the government for my elder years.

Hell no. Not anymore.

The LIE engrained by the military culture that I was secondary, my people and mission must come first, even behind my family. That the base readiness center government employee knew what the hell they were talking about. How conditioned I was.

Hell no. Not anymore.

Once I figured out who I was beyond my rank, weapons platform, and service branch, I was able to turn my attention toward the enemy, focus on the domestic threat, both nationally, but much more importantly, in my household: the fiat dollar and debt-based liability known as the Federal Reserve Note.

Fiat means “by decree.” The nation,and the world, perceives the US Dollar to be of value based on the good faith and credit of the U.S. Government. Think that faith and credit is strong today?

So, your time to get to know yourself, and then know the enemy, is now. I’ve created a tool for you to use to go faster, to defend the homefront against the domestic threat, and to control your domestic economy.

Control it through your family’s HEALTH.

Control it through knowledge of SELF and STATUS of the family unit.

Control it through WEALTH and all the intricacies surrounding this most important of ideas.

It’s your Liberty Accelerator Program, and it exists as a “transition superhighway” to equip you to go faster in knowing yourself, and knowing the enemy. If we want to win this war for Freedom, we must know ourselves, and we must know the enemy, FAST.

Our Liberty depends up on it.

It’s transtion, and it’s transformation. Once you break through the fog of work, escape from that 9-5 and 5-9 gauntlet of the day-to-day busyness at work you despise and at a home that’s chaotic because of the FIAT dollar, you’ll be LIBERATED.

I guarantee it, but you, and you alone, must believe it!

Now you know who the enemy is. But trying to figure out how to take a position against it, and then what actions to take today, and going it alone is the most dangerous path to take in this very volatile world. It’s funner on a team, anyways.

Did you ever believe 2020 events would transpire?

Did you ever believe the Kabul would be our the 21st Century Saigon in a matter of days?

Do you believe our country is invincible? That’s what the Soviets under Communist Russia believed. That’s what all previous empires have believed. The Soviets collapsed within a few years of leaving Afghanistan only 30 years ago.

Do you believe everything the PhD economists and PhD government bureaucrats are saying?

PhD - Poor. Helpless. Desparate. Nothing more. Choose your “advisors” very wisely.

The government the Soviets put in place lasted years, too, after ten years of war.

The “US-"established” Afghan government imploded in days, after two decades of war.

What’s are the odds of what comes next?

Don’t isolate yourself.

Don’t isolate your family.

Don’t go it alone, for that’s where hurt exists, and the creature will slay you.

Join our community!

Share this message.

Take care of your people.

Take care of your family and friends..

Because time…it’s running out. And it’s running out fast.

P.s., if you didn’t read the article, read this summary.

The Principles of The Art of War:

  • Importance of Intelligence [about ourselves, and the enemy’s, in the case the U.S. Dollar Fiat Currency]

  • Importance of maneuvering so the enemy is hit at their weakest point [do you maneuver in this dangerous world, or just keep on heading toward the cliffs]

  • Imortance of morale [of Health and Status of Self, they matter]

  • Diplomacy to gain more alies and cause the enemy to lose allies [who’s on your team, or are you fighting the war alone?]

  • Moral advantage [got Morals? Or lost them along the way along with our society?]

  • Importance of national unity [how’s that going for us today?]

  • Warfare based on deception [“In God We Trust” on the Federal Reserve Note, that’s neither Federal nor backed by any standard of Reserve]

  • Logistics [my specialty…applied operational logistics techniques to the domestic family unit in the Liberty Accelerator Program]

  • Proper relationship between the ruler and the military general [Sun Tzu holds that the ruler, in our case Congress & the President should not interfere in military affairs; note the Military Industrial Congressional Complex and it’s profits from warfare]

  • Know the difference between Strategy and Tactics [my specialty, as I operate at the operational level of war which connects Strategy toTactics on these matters to benefit the domestic family unit]

  • No country has ever benefitted from a prolonged war [Now we know?]

  • Subduing an enemy without using force is best [Notice how China has conducted itself? Belt & Road Initiative; Chinese Nationals all over our country in institutions of higher education; world-wide influence; examples abound]

    So what LIEs do you still believe?