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Are you a military officer or spouse who's getting your teeth kicked in, and your entire world revolves around the little "m" mission at a staff or operational assignment? Is there a Big "M" Mission to plan for Life, Liberty, and Freedom beyond service?
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In this short six-piece audio series, the It’s Your Career Playbooks are read aloud for the U.S. Navy Supply Corps Officer’s audible consumption other than directly reading it themselves. I wish I could’ve found this a decade ago! Note these may be split into multiple audio content pieces as I figure out the Substack Podcast platform.

Listen on the go, and learn what you must know as soon in service as possible for the U.S Navy Supply Corps Officer, anyways (eventually similar playbooks for all military officer communities, staff and line alike, should be available).

Then revisit often to refresh your mind on all the guidance laid out within. It is the Supply Corps Officer’s career map…but not their life map, far from it.

The content herein may benefit others in uniformed service, but its applicability will be limited. I encourage officers from other U.S. Navy line and staff corps, and other branches of the military, to consider drafting your own tailored playbooks for distribution and use in your community.

You’ll get to enjoy the slow Texas drawal of #HeckYeah himself.

So sit back and relax…you’re in for a treat.

Then, coming soon, we’ll transition away from a “career” focus to that of a LIFE focus.

I’ll be introducing IT’S YOUR LIFE Playbook series that address very important aspects of Armed Forces Family readiness from the early days in service which I have determined to be woefully neglected throughout my military service time (as a 20-year U.S. Navy Commander, paygrade O-5). Not only will it be applicable to U.S. Navy Supply Corps Officers, but applicable to all branches across all ranks, and their family members, too.

The status quo sets us up for ambush and reacting to the ups and downs of uniformed, uninformed service.

That changes upon the completion of my recording these It’s Your Career Playbooks…because it’s not about a career, but about life fully alive in service and in preparation for far beyond, with or without the family hero.

To Your Liberty,


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