It's Veteran's Day Week and Month of the Military Family!!!

What Are You Taking For Free???

Happy Veteran's Day Week and Month of the Military Family!

What "free" services or stuff are you going to take to celebrate???

Well, in celebration of Veteran's Day, I'll be covering the cost of a seat in the first ever LIVE Liberty Accelerator Program webinar (what we're referring to as an Acceler-inar) to:

  • Equip the MilFam with the information required to get more Time from their day,

  • More Health & Wellness in their Life, and

  • Keep more of their hard-earned Wealth from being swindled away by the systems in place to take it all away.

So...can you and your military spouse (or MilVeteran Family) carve out an hour on the evening of Thursday, November 18 from 8:30-9:30 PM EST (7:30 PM CST/5:30pm PST) to learn about all I wish'd I'd known 15 years ago about "Military Transition" and Military Family's Battle for Liberty?

And don’t forget…we ALL get out one day. That’s guaranteed. Planning should’ve begun upon completion of the training pipelines, and few of us know about the TRAPS that are ambushing every military family, whether it’s at five years in or 35+.

I've done my part. (new book available to my network on Monday, 8 Nov)

It's your chance to do yours.

To Your Liberty,



Don't be the senior leader with this secret.

Take care of your people.

This will change outcomes and stem the tide in The Transition War.