Want to get an early glimpse inside the 21st Century Manifesto for Military Service?

This project has taken over a year, and looks to be on track for publication by Veteran's Day, 2021! Becuase you’re an early subscriber, I have a special opportunity and gift for you!

If ready to engage in the war for Liberty...and Freedom for military families in preparation for life far beyond uniformed service, you’re in the right community!

So you are ready?


I'm ready for an army of Liberators to join me, and those of you who've been on this list for any length of time are equipped to carry the message far and wide.

So please, like the content, share the message, and let's stop the chaos around "military transition."

There are limited copies available for you to engage in tying a bow on this book project before it's published on Veteran’s Day (yes, a month away!)👊🏼

The first six to contact me get an advanced copy, with a catch!

The catch is, it must be read before Halloween, Sunday, October 31, 2021 and errors/ corrections/feedback provided (guidance forthcoming once the advanced reader team is built).

So, are you in it to win it, or stuck in the muck of indecision?

To Your Liberty,



At 206 pages from cover to cover, and 13 Chapters, this work will change the game...and save lives.

  • This 21st Century manifesto for Military Service should be published on Veteran's Day, Thursday, November 11, 2021.

  • Amazon and Ingram Sparks (multiple distribution channels through major bookstores) will ensure widest distribution of the message

  • Mobilization begins NOW!  And it never ends until this war is won. Our military family deserves nothing less, but we can't do it for them....each and every one of us much engage them, and get them to engage. To do that, they'll need to buy into the Truths, and reject the LIEs.

  • At $9.97 for the Lies (less than a dollar a lie) and $5 for the Truths (buy the LIEs and get the Truths half off!), the military family you know can't afford to be without it!

On another note, come on over and check out the updated website or take a glance at the services list for a refresher so you're equipped to take care of your people...and your military family.

And get early access to THE FORBIDDEN CHAPTER 13, Liberators and Guardians of Liberty…and Freedom, during military service and in preparation for far, far beyond…with or without the family hero:

To Us…We Serve.