Military Family Readiness, the Active Duty & Veteran Suicide Crisis, and the Servicemember Transition War

Why is military service and "military transition" so hard?

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn’t believe why I hadn’t recognized it years earlier, sensing something was amiss, but not quite putting my finger on it. Something didn’t pass the sniff test.

Then COVID provided the opportunity to take a deep, long breath…and smell the smoke.

It’s in our mind. The institutionalization during basic training, officer training included, and the pipelines of relentless busy work and readiness preparedness keep us focused on the little “m” mission, to the detriment of our family and the big “M” mission of LIFE…life far beyond uniformed service.

After months of self-education, surprising finds, a bit of self-reflection and humbling (I’ve got four degrees from higher academia), followed by a few red pills, I KNOW what the problem is.

It lies in the unbearable workloads keeping us from seeking out and obtaining peak health.

It lies in our identity tied up in rank, weapons platform, and/or service branch - focusing full attention on the funcational expertise to be the best we can functionally be by “taking care of our people” as an “Army of One” or “Aim High” (USAF) or “Not Self But Country" (US Navy).

It lies in using the government-offered family readiness centers combined with our educations and upbringings about entrusting Wall Street with our Wealth, to the detriment of fully understanding the broader systems that entrap the middle-class individual into lives of mediocrity, hoping someone else will take care of us (give us a job) like the government did for so many years, even decades.

And it doesn’t have to be like that.

Hence, the Transition Acceleration Project Solutions (ταρς™) are launching as part of the Liberty Accelerator® Program to allow military families and their hero the chance to side-step the bureaucratic provided “TAP traps” that put first the collective interest’s intentions in mind, not ours and our family’s.

It’s a great forum for relationship building and winning the Liberty Battle, and contributing to the Transition War that all military veteran families before us have navigated and fought.

It begins with our OPREP-00 newsletter from Independence Day, July 4, 2020, updated annually to start on Washington’s Birthday each February. I’m glad you’re with us and ready to become…a Liberty Fighter.

Join…or Die.

DISCLAIMER NOTHING ON THIS SITE, this OPREP Newsletter Series OR ANYWHERE ON SOCIAL MEDIA or the internet should be construed as representative of or endorsed by the US Government, the Department of Defense, or the US Navy. I am an officer in the military, but everything posted out here is by me as an individual under the guidelines that exist for military servicemembers serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. The views expressed everywhere are my own and not representative of any government department or agency.