...of Epic Proporations!!! The data says yes, you are.

It’s a health crisis of epic proportion… 

It will impact every one, including you and your military family.

And no one is talking about it.

“Experts” advise people to keep their family finances private to be polite…


Recent surveys show 2/3 of Americans would rather talk about their weight or sex life than their money.

I believe that’s exactly how Wall Street and government officials want it. You wandering through the financial discussion desert and making your way down the transition muddy dirt road alone…and afraid.

When talking about wealth in general terms, everyone seems to have something to say, and it usually revolves around what most incorrectly refer to as “money.”

Ask about the actual balance in their bank account (how rude!) and most go quiet or are aghast with the rudeness of the instigator. They get real quiet.

Head down, without eye contact quiet. 

So… where’s the health crisis? 

Well, your money woes may literally be killing you. And if they aren’t yet, they will soon.

You see, in this debt-based economy and over-burdening tax system, your wealth (time) is being drained before your eyes.

But being so dependent on a paycheck and the need to keep payments from loans (mortgage; vehicles; school) current while “saving for retirment” and for the kids’ “education” in the ivory towers, you’re burning the candle at both ends, unable to pull your head out of the fog of work and see the domestic threat that’s right under your nose.

That’s partly the reason I created the Liberty Accelerator Program.

To accelerate your movement away from pain, and toward Freedom…and Liberty beyond uniformed service.

Because…we all leave service someday, and the family most certainly will, with or without their hero.

So, what are you doing today to protect your Health, and defend your Wealth?

Or do you enjoying being pushed toward the cliffs, unwittingly and unknowingly?

To your Health…and your Wealth.

#HeckYeah, have you got an advantage? Or are you embracing each and every Military Veterans DIS-Advantage?