Why Become a Liberty Fighter?

Don’t subscribe if you love settling for the status quo.

Piss you off? Good. We don’t tolerate status quo in the Liberty Accelerator. Only fighters are allowed, because that Liberty you defended…you’re gonna fight to get it back.

So if you’ve made it this far in, WELCOME to the community. You’ve officially crossed the rubicon into a less crowded world of critical thinking warriors who realize the domestic threat is much bigger than the foreign ones we’ve been distracted with for far too long.

If going to school, getting a job, paying your taxes, and putting all your savings in retirement accounts is what you want to do, don’t subscribe to this KnowledgeArsenal…it’s just gonna drive you nuts. There’s enough of them already.

For Liberty, Freedom, and kicking ass in life, participate (don’t just sit back; bring your imagination, knowledge, and skills to the war effort) and get full benefit from this InfoGuide and our badass community of Liberty Seeking Rebels.

Then, we’ll dive deep into the nitty gritty on Health | Status of Self | Wealth and how they’re all tied together through RELATIONSHIPS.

What if I were to say that single biggest detriment to your future success is to continue believing all you believe today?

What if I said it’s the questions you ask, with carefully chosen words, matters most?

How well did you take care of your Health in service to the Nation?

How well did you take care of your Self in service to the Nation?

How well did you nurture your Wealth in service to the Nation?

How many good, solid Relationships do you have with family, peers, seniors, subordinates, colleagues, and hell, why not, even strangers?

Did you pause to answer any of those questions?

Good. Here’s what you’ll get from us:

Never miss an update about your Healthcare and medical optionality and well-being (insights to the DoD medical systems to achieve peak, whole health, and then keep it),

Keeping the “Why” first and foremost by understanding Status of Self (and family) during service and being able to capitalize upon it at (well before?) separation/ retirment, and

Military Family Wealth planning considerations that’s much, much more than employment! A job isn’t important. Your LIFE is. Because we won’t stay wage slaves to a system that’s eroding away our standard of living.

I won’t allow it.

It’s not you’re granddad’s economy or fiscal environment!

And this isn’t your leadership’s bureaucratic TAP crap from the base family center.


That trash belongs out there with the herd wallowing in the slop of the status quo.

Not here. Descartes quote, “I think, therefore I am.” comes to mind.

So think, and reconsider all you’ve been told in the system that changed us, and broke most.

Here, in the Liberty Accelerator Program, we’re using a model I call TAPS~ly - Transition Acceleration Project Solutions ~ Love Your (Spouse) - to kick ass, and then spread the joy.

#HeckYeah, spread it far and wide.

So are you in to win?

Or are you…well, insert whatever you are [here] if not a winner.

Get the Intel for Full Mission Capability (for “Transition,” of course) for LIFE Beyond the Uniform.

Inside exists the KnowledgeBombs the system kept from your grasp.

You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the InfoGuide (formerly known as a newsletter in the publishing world) goes directly to your inbox.

It keeps you on track for success during service, but more importantly, with intentional, informed planning for far, far beyond!

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Life doesn’t have to suck.

It doesn’t in Liberty Accelerator. Guaranteed.

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Fight ferociously and plan accordingly,

To Your Liberty

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Why Liberty Accelerator? The Armed Forces Family is the most important weapons system our Nation has. We don't want handouts, but to have an impact. Each family faces a battle reintegrating into society. We equip them to win it.


Jarrod H. Smith | #HeckYeah
Changing Armed Forces Family outcomes and family readiness metrics one family at a time, through intentional, informed planning, preparations, and workups to the most important Mission of their life: Transition.